Monaragla Paper Mills Limited



onaragala Paper Mills Ltd is a pioneer in the manufacture of recycled board, the main raw materials used being waste corrugated board, waste cardboard cones used in the textile industry for winding thread, waste cement bags and other paper waste material.

The speciality in the products manufactured at Monaragala Paper Mills better known as MPM, lay in its processes. The company is focused on eco-based manufacture and uses environmentally friendly raw materials to produce its world class boards. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. The boards produced are air dried thus avoiding costly fuel oil and for a better carbon foot print.

The factory produce over 48,000 boards a year to cater to the buyers’ various needs in the local market. The thickness varies between 0.7 mm to 3.50 mm to cater to its wide clientele making range of products. Our goal is to inspire for greater use of environmentally friendly products in the paper industry and we now feel there is more awareness in this direction.

In a continuous bid to improve the products, the company embarks on experimental research and innovation. Ozone has been used as bleaching agents which are environmentally friendly and natural alum salts are used to strengthen the binding ability of the fibers making up the boards.

The company is embarking on a major investment phase with facilities to produce a wider range of products using a variety of cutting machines which include a laser cutter and a die cutting machine.


Our clients include some of the major book manufacturers and stationers in Sri Lanka, Government Printer, the Geological Surveys Department and Public and Private sector enterprises.

Our People

At the heart of our company is our strong workforce. Employed from the surrounding towns and villages, our employees receive industry standard benefits and are provided training and development.

Our Mission

To be the primary source for eco-friendly and high quality recycled boards in the country.To optimize the production of recycled boards and the products made of these using state of the art manufacturing practices.

Our Vision

We strive to produce high quality recycled board for domestic use initially which would then substitute the imports of similar boards. Minimising waste, using eco-friendly practices with a vision for a self-sufficient country in board manufacturing is our vision’s aim.